We are moving back to Europe and the farm will be closed as of March 2024!

Borgstein Alpaca Farm

for a Better Alpaca Future

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Welcome to Borgstein Alpaca Farm

We are moving back to Europe

As of March 2024 the farm will be closed.

All our animals found a wonderful new home.

Thanks to everyone who’s been part of our journey. We wish you all the best!!

Karen en Niels Borgstein

Our story :
    It all began one summer day at a Vermont fair. We met some alpacas, fell in love and that sparked an idea that changed our lives forever. Already having two horses on our property, we figured that alpacas would be a nice addition. We had the extra land, and before we knew it we were building fences and an extra barn. Tulip, Alexis, and Cassandra were our first three alpacas and the three that started it all, back in late 2010.

Who we are :
    We are a small family-run alpaca farm in Medfield, MA. We sell huacaya alpacas along with yarn and roving made from our own animals as well as some alpaca products like socks, hats, scarves, gloves etc. We focus on a "Better Alpaca Future", which for us means healthy, friendly animals with high quality fiber and good conformation. We  give our animals the best care we can offer and we like to remain small in order to keep the family "touch".
Feel free to give us a call, or send us a text or email if you like to learn more about our farm. We love to show off our alpacas. Cassandra will be waiting at the gate to greet you................

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